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Support and implementation of social projects is one of the priority areas of activity of the Association community, which unites the initiatives of members to support the energy infrastructure of Ukraine and its citizens. 


One of the areas of such activity is the installation of rooftop solar power plants and electricity storage facilities for the social infrastructure of Ukraine to ensure energy independence and reliable electricity supply.

"Solar energy saves lives" 

The purpose of the project:  To help Ukrainian  hospitals become energy-independent thanks to the installation of rooftop autonomous solar power plants with batteries.

Commentary of SEAU Board Chairperson Vladyslav Sokolovskyi: 
"On its energy front, the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine strives to protect the most vulnerable objects of social infrastructure by all available means. Engineers of participating companies of our Association have the experience and expertise to implement projects of any complexity. Recent events emphasize how urgent this project is. We are sure that the energy of the sun can save the highest value - life! "


A project to support solar energy producers who have suffered losses due to military aggression and/or who are located in the temporarily occupied territory.  

During the war, solar manufacturers faced many of the challenges that war brings. In order for them not to be left alone with problems, the ASEU public union acts as a moderator of the  consolidation and information exchange process.  In addition, if necessary,the public union provides legal support -  in cases of  relocation of persons from the occupied territories, relocation of solar stations,assistance in paying taxes in such cases, preserving the right to the "green tariff",collects information and provides methodological support on compensation for damages caused as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation.


SEAU constantly conducts research regarding war-damaged renewable energy assets. This information is important because it allows you to determine the amount and extent of damage.


The collected data will become the basis for the possibility of providing assistance to those whose power plants have been damaged. ASEU aims to actively assist the affected in restoring their stations, look for investors and ensure the sustainability of renewable energy in the country.

Join the collection of information about damaged RES assets by completing the survey - link.


Business projects 

The Solar Energy Association of Ukraine actively engages in supporting and implementing business projects in the field of renewable energy to promote sustainable development and ensure the effective functioning of Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Solar map 

The purpose of the project "Solar map" of Ukraine -   determination of the most optimal and profitable places for the construction of RES (paint), will provide an opportunity for investors, where there will be no problems connecting to networks.

This will make it possible to calculate the maximum size of the necessary generating capacity of RES, in particular SES, in certain territories, for example, within the districts. Such RES capacities will not create problems for the energy systems of the regions and the whole of Ukraine and will contribute to their development. 

Priority- distributed solar generation, which will help ensure the stability of the energy system and reduce energy losses during transportation.

"Sonyachna mapa" acts as a moderator of the business processes of the development of solar energy in Ukraine.


Decentralized "green" energy system in Ukraine  

As a continuation of the Solar Map, the project provides a set of actions to create a favorable investment climate for the development of distributed, decentralized generation projects - primarily solar energy. In particular, SEAU is working on:

simplifying access to preferential and grant financing for private households, small and medium-sized businesses that have a desireuse solar energy for own needs;

creation of favorable conditions for the development of energy cooperatives that will install solar panels together with storage batteries;

simplifying connection to the network for various non-profit associations of citizens (cooperatives, associations of co-owners of houses);
implementation of incentive programs for those who install rooftop solar power plants;


ensuring a systematic approach to the integration of distributed generation into the country's unified energy system;

implementation of partial, and in some cases, full financing, through local and state budgets, for the purpose of installing rooftop solar power plants with batteries, at critical and social infrastructure facilities;

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SEAU will help implement your project

The Solar Energy Association of Ukraine is always ready to help its members in the implementation of social and business projects that will help develop solar energy in Ukraine.

Installation of solar panels
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