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Solar Energy Association of Ukraine (SEAU) - the largest non-profit and non-governmental organization that brings together participants in the Ukrainian solar industry.

The SEAU community is 7 000 participants 

Сонячні панелі на деревах

Our goal

The Solar Energy Association of Ukraine fosters the development of solar energy in Ukraine by uniting the solar market, facilitating the exchange of experiences, and consolidating the efforts, ideas, and interests of all participants within the solar community.


Members of the Association are more than 50 companies and groups of companies and 400 owners of home solar power plants.
We represent the interests of owners of industrial solar power plants, Ukrainian and foreign investors, companies engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of solar power plants, manufacturers and importers of equipment for solar power plants, and owners of home solar power plants.

Вивчення сонячних батарей


SEAU actively cooperates with international industry organizations, and specialized solar associations.

We are also members of such European and global organizations as Solar Power Europe, Global Solar Council


Areas of work

Join us 

If you have any questions about participation and joining the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, please fill out the form on the right and we will contact you.

Thank you!

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